About the scheme

Below you can find information about the scheme and who is responsible for it.

Green transition of the Danish road transport

The Danish government wishes to accelerate the development of green transport in Denmark towards 2030, which is also part of the government platform from December 2022. 

The green transition of the heavy road transport is an important and necessary step on the way to realising the goal of the climate law of a 70 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as well as the government’s goal of Denmark becoming climate neutral by 2045. 

A kilometre-based and CO2-differentiated road toll for certain trucks contributes to this transition. Together with a change in the Danish national rules for truck weights and dimensions, it is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 0.3 million tons in 2025 and approximately 0.4 million tons in 2030.

The toll enters into effect as of 1 January 2025, which also marks the date for Denmark leaving the coorporation on the existing period-based road user toll for trucks (the Eurovignette). 

The kilometre-based toll ensures that the socio-economic costs, which the truck traffic entails in terms of infrastructure wear, accidents, noise, air pollution, and contributions to traffic congestion, are covered to a greater extent than is the case today.

Tasks of the Danish Ministry of Taxation

  • The Danish Ministry of Taxation has the overall responsibility for the collection of toll under the Danish Road Toll Act (Lov om vejafgifter).
  • The Danish Tax Agency receives the toll collected by Sund & Bælt as the road toll collector.
  • The Danish Motor Vehicle Agency provides access to data in the Danish vehicle registry (DMR) and the European car and driving licence information system (EUCARIS) for the enforcement of the road toll scheme.

Tasks of the Danish Ministry of Transport

  • The Danish Ministry of Transport has the overall responsibility for implementation and operation of the scheme.
  • Sund & Bælt collects toll and monitors the road toll.
  • The Danish Road Directorate handles complaints about the toll.
  • The Danish Road Safety and Transport Agency issues administrative fines.
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Language: English