Have you not paid the correct road toll and received a fine? You can pay the fine on this page

Violation is punishable by a fine

Both Danish and foreign trucks automatically have their number plates read. The number plate is compared with payment data to ensure that the truck has paid for the route via satellite-based vehicle equipment (OBE/OBU) or a digital KmToll ticket.

If you have not paid the correct road toll, the Danish Road Traffic Authority will issue a fine of DKK 4,500.

If the fine is not paid, the case will be transferred to the police.

Payment of fine

Have you driven a truck of 12 tons or more without paying the correct road toll?


If you disagree with the fine, you can raise an objection

Automatic number plate reading

The number plate of your truck will automatically be read by cameras at both fixed and mobile control points.

Fixed control points are located at traffic hubs selected based on Denmark's geography.

Additionally, on your route, you may encounter mobile control units, which are moved around to exert control pressure throughout the country. The fixed and mobile control units can collect relevant digital information about all trucks that pass and recognize the truck's number plate.


To determine if your truck is liable to pay the toll, we combine three technologies:

  • automatic number plate recognition
  • technology to classify vehicle type and determine size
  • DSRC scanners (Digital Short Range Communication) determine if the truck is operating with satellite-based vehicle equipment.

Get an answer to your questions

How many fines can I receive?

A vehicle can receive one fine per day (a rolling 24-hour period).

Why can I get a fine for driving in a low emission zone even though I pay road tolls?

Your truck must also comply with the rules of Danish low emission zones, or you risk a fine of DKK 12,500.

If you have an older diesel-powered truck weighing more than 3.5 tons, it must be fitted with a particulate filter or be at last Euro VI. You can read more about the rules for trucks in the Danish low emission zones at

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