Digital KmToll ticket

If you do not have on-board unit, or if it does not work, you will be able to buy a digital Kilometer Toll ticket (KmToll ticket) from the end of 2024.

You will need to purchase a KmToll ticket before you start driving your intended route. It will not be possible to register your route after having started driving it.

You will be able to amend the route from the start to the finish point after you have started driving your route.

Why can I not buy a KmToll ticket at a physical point of sale?

You will be able to buy a KmToll ticket digitally wherever you are.

A political decision has been made not to have physical points of sale, and there are no requirements for physical points of sale in Danish or European legislation.

How do I buy a KmToll ticket if my truck is not registered in Denmark?

If your truck is registered abroad, you will need to provide information about the CO2 emission class and the gross weight of your truck when buying a KmToll ticket.

Language: English

Language: English