Automatic and digital enforcement is used to ensure that the toll is paid. Violations are punished by an administrative fine. 

Automatic number plate reading

The rules apply to both Danish and foreign trucks. Trucks will get their number plates automatically read by cameras at both fixed and flexible enforcement points.

Fixed enforcement points are located at traffic hubs which have been selected based on Denmark's geography.

In addition, you may encounter flexible enforcement points on your route, which consist of vehicles containing technical equipment. These vehicles can collect relevant digital information about all passing trucks as well as reading their number plates.

The flexible control units are moved around to exert enforcement throughout the country.

Readings from enforcement equipment are automatically matched to payment data to ensure that the truck is part of the scheme and has paid for the route by means of using satellite-based vehicle equipment (OBU/OBE) or has purchased a digital toll ticket.


Combining three technologies

Several technologies are combined to determine if a specific truck is liable to paying toll: 

  • Technology for classifying vehicle type and determine vehicle size 
  • DSRC scanners (Digital Short Range Communication) determine if the truck contains vehicle equipment 
  • Automatic number plate recognition. 

Offences are punishable by fines

You will be fined DKK 4,500 for an offence. An offence is determined by matching a picture with accessible information on whether a truck has functional and activated vehicle equipment or a route ticket when driving on the tolled road network. 

If a truck does not have an on-board unit or a toll ticket with correct vehicle information, Sund& Bælt A/S will in continuation of identifying the truck using number plate recognition pass on information to the Danish Road Traffic Authority (Færdselsstyrelsen) for issuing of an administrative fine notice.


The same enforcement applies to Danish and foreign trucks

The level of control is determined by the Danish Road Toll Act (Lov om vejafgifter).

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