Low emission zones

You pay more to drive a truck in a Danish low emission zone. Find out why and see a map of the low emission zones on this page.

What is a low emission zone, and why is it more expensive in the low emission zones?

There is a low emission zone in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg.

In these areas many citizens are more exposed to air pollution and noise from the truck traffic and traffic accidents involving heavy vehicles. Therefore it will be 50 percent more expensive to drive in the low emission zones compared to the rest of the road network.

See a map of the Danish low emission zones

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Can I drive in a Danish low emission zone, when I pay toll?

Your truck must also meet the rules in a low emission zone, else you risk a penalty of DKK 12,500.
Do you have an older diesel-powered truck weighing over 3,5 kgs, it must be fitted with a particulate filter or be a least Euro VI. You can read more about rules for trucks in the low emission zones on miljoezoner.dk/en

The Environmental Protection Agency is the regulatory authority regarding the low emission zones.

The rules for road toll fall under the Danish Ministry of Transport and the Danish Ministry of Taxation. You can read more on our page about the scheme.


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