Find out where tolls for trucks will apply

Where you will have to pay toll for driving a truck in Denmark will gradually change. 

Where will you have to pay toll

As per 1 January 2025 trucks of 12 tons and above will pay toll for driving on the main part of the state road network and parts of the municipal road network (approx. 10,900 km). This is estimated to cover approx. 75 percent of the total number of driven kilometres by trucks. 

It is the intention of the Danish government that the road toll will apply to the entire Danish public road network as of 1 January 2028 (approx. 75,000 km) 

Zoom on the below map to see the road segments for which trucks of 12 tons and above are to pay toll as per 1 January 2025

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Here you can access the Danish Road Directorate’s map of tollable roads.

You must pay for all the road segments on the tolled road network that you drive on. Your toll is calculated based on the gross weight and the CO2 emission class of the truck, but also on the truck's route on tolled road segments for which the toll rate is calculated per kilometre and whether the truck drives inside or outside a low emission zone.

Do I have to pay toll to drive on the Storebælt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge?

No, you do not have to pay toll for trucks on the Storebælt Bridge or the Øresund Bridge, but you still have to pay for crossing the bridge as you do today.

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